Satisfied Customers Love Their New Pre-Owned Vehicles and
Praise Jack Jason & Sweet Motor Sales

"It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you for the purchase of my wonderful little car. That was the most exciting purchase I've made since moving to Santa Fe. You were great to work with and you provided a beautiful vehicle for a very reasonable price..."

"I felt very good about the trade-in of my Durango. Your warm personality and humor added to the pleasantness of my experience." - M. Larson, Santa Fe, NM


"It was a real delight dealing with you in buying my Mustang. I appreciated your willingness to set a reasonable price, to do what was necessary to have the car in tip-top shape and to have the paperwork completed in a timely manner."

"...I felt you were being direct and honest with me and not playing any 'salesman games.' The whole process was quite enjoyable and I love the car that I bought from you. . . Many thanks for such a rewarding experience." - G.M. Cohen, Santa Fe, NM


"I had a 'sweet' experience buying my VW Convertible bug from Jack. He made is an easy, fun and stress-free experience and I absolutely love my new car! I would recommend Sweet Motor Sales to anyone looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle." - F. Butler, Santa Fe, NM

"My wife and I needed a new vehicle to navigate our nasty road to our off grid home. Jack found us exactly what we needed and at a fair price. We really like the car (and so do our dogs). Jack is personable, fair and a gentleman. I feel that he really takes pride in what he does in his business."

"When I drive by the dealership Jack's inventory is always different. One does not move that many vehicles by not working hard and being fair. We have recommended him to all we know when they are looking for a good used vehicle." - D. Boldman, Cerrillos, NM


"Saw my dream car on the website and visited the dealership that evening. Drove away in it the next evening. Richard and Jack were both pleasant and professional to do business with. . . It could not have been a more pleasant experience." - Kathy D., Santa Fe, NM

"When I heard it was going to be a bad winter, I knew that I would need a new car. I wanted a car that would be good in snow and went looking. . . While Jack did not have what I was looking for on the lot, he reassured me that he would come up with the car and at the price I wanted to spend."

"Within a week Jack called to say he had found me a 2008 Jeep, which, when I went to see it, I fell in love with. The car was in great shape, Jack had it mechanically inspected, and it was in my price range. Not only did I love the car, but I found Jack to be extremely easy to deal with in a business I was not looking forward to.

"I felt good about Jack, felt I could trust him and that I was getting a fair deal. I felt so good that I have recommended Sweet Motor Sales to friends, two of whom have also bought cars from Sweet Motor Sales and are very happy with their purchases." - Ellie F., Santa Fe, NM


"Jack called and said he had the car I was looking for. I went to Sweet Motor Sales, drove the car and paid for it. Jack brought it to my house. Easy, fast, fun and a great deal! I would always go back and refer folks. Thanks Sweet!" - M. Morgan, Santa Fe., NM

"I am completely satisfied with my purchase at Sweet Motor Sales. Jack's expert and friendly customer care made buying a car a very enjoyable experience. I recommend Sweet Motor Sales for great service, value and follow up! Many thanks." - Audrey D., Santa Fe, NM

J. Pollard, Los Alamos

The Staff and Management are hands down a group of professional, friendly, and upfront people! It was our first time buying a car and they guided and expressed patience every step of the way! We loved being a customer, and we would definitely go again if we needed another vehicle! Their warmth stays with us!

Liz and Silvio, Santa Fe

We had a great experience purchasing a 2010 Honda Fit from Jack. He was upfront, honest and fair. He was completely transparent about the vehicle history, and his pricing actually came in below the Kelly Blue Book dealer price. We enjoyed our time chatting with Jack, and doing business!!

Lori and Jim M., Albuquerque

Working with you and Mark was a pleasure. You took the time to get to know us and there was no pressure. We would gladly refer our friends and family to you. When we are in the market again for a new car, we will be in touch. We love our CR-V! It is my favorite car yet. Thank you so much for everything.

Jack S. Ranchos de Taos

Dear Jack, I want to thank you again for my Jeep Runs great and everything seems great with it.

DO, Santa Fe

It was all good

William Amend, Santa Fe

Jack- We love the car... Still have it! Despite the battery issue right off the bat that you took care of immediately. You treated us fairly, took care of questions and obstacles with humor and skill. We will continue to recommend you to our friends and acquaintances who are in need of a good deal on a good car. Bill

VM, Santa Cruz

I was vvery grateful when I found a car with you. You treated me very well and worked with me to help me out. I will always be grateful for your help in helping find a car. Jack is a very helpful person dealing with his clients. I will refer all my friends to him all the time. I'm sure he will do the same for them. Thank you Jack. Very grateful for all your help. Enjoying my car with no problems.

AZM, Santa Fe

I was recommended to Sweet Motors Sales by a friend. I am very pleased with the courteous and friendly services of Sweet Motor Sales. As a recent and new Santa Fe resident, Sweet Motor Sales' staff was on their job and took care of all my paperwork in a professional manner. It was certainly a relief for me. BTW, I like my car!

SN, Santa Fe

Sweet Motors is excellent. Jack Jason is honest, reasonably priced and has good cars. I would do business again with him.

Jerry Delaney, Santa Fe

Hi Jack- You have my best wishes for continued success. I believe your choice of cars to sell is first rate. (Purchased 2 cars in 13 months)

T. Headley, Santa Fe

Hello Jack, Thank you for creating an environment for buying a vehicle that was relaxed & non-threatening, but also attentive & responsive to your clients. I feel like I was treated fairly and that I was taken care of even after the paperwork was signed. Conces and questions post-purchase were responded to promptly. Will certainly refer anyone looking for used vehicle to you.

Bob W, Santa Fe

I'm happy to write a few words in favor of Sweet Motors and my experience with you personally and the car I purchased. When I need to replace my 8 year old Mercedes because I could no longer afford the maintenance, a trusted friend of mine highly recommended I talk with Jack Jason at Sweet Motor Sales to find a replacement car. I had never bought a car from anyone other than a Brand Car Dealership but my friend had recently purchased a car from Jack and had only good things to say about the car and Jack's honesty and willingness to stand behind his product. So I went to see him. On that very day I found a car that was 2 years older than my Benz and had 20k more mileage. But Jack also provided me with the service records and a detailed CarMax report. I drove the car around, brought it to a mechanic I know who did a cursory inspection and signed off on it. The windshiled and taillight were cracked and Jack said he would replace both at his own cost. He gave me a great price on the trade and the next day I walked off with a reliable and solid vehicle. When I've had follow up questions, Jack has always been available and helpful. He's a good guy and I'm glad I listened to my friend's recommendation.

Doug M, Santa Fe

Price point vehicles Good service Great location Fast & efficient

Jim and Carolyn P., Santa Fe

We were delighted with the no pressure, no nonsense approach to the purchse of our vehicle. The entire staff was low-key and professional in every aspect. Moreover, we were especially pleased when told by a knowledgeable local auto professional that Sweet Motor Sales was one of the best around.

Andrew McG, Rio Rancho

Jack sold me a good car at a good price. He seemed very honest and a no nonsense kinda guy. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.

F. Conley, Santa Fe

Jack and Sweet Motor Sales break every stereotype of the used car salesman and dealership. Honest, almost to a fault. No hard sell. You walk away at your own risk as the car you wanted won't be there when you come back! One of the most effortless car buying experiences ever. I have no doubt I will be buying my next car at Sweet Motor Sales.

MM, Santa Fe

Jack runs a very efficient and honest business. The vehicle I purchased 3 months ago proves to be reliable and in great condition. It is hard to keep it as clean as the meticulous care it had received prior to my purchase. Jack is very thorough in going ove all the paperwork and explaining the details of New Mexico law, taxes, and liability as it relates to automobiles. I would definitely purchase a car from Sweet Motors again in the future.

Steve Kokulis, Albuquerque

I had an outstanding experience purchasing my last vehicle from Sweet Motor Sales. I had seen a car on his website and communicated with Jack several times regarding it. He was professional, accurate and incredibly personable and even more so in person. I was traveling to Santa Fe from Albuquerque and Jack kept me posted about the availability of the vehicle so I wouldn't be wasting a trip.He met me at the dealership and greeted me with a smile and as if we were old friends. I immediately felt welcome and at home. Purchasing the vehicle couldn't have been easier. I was in and out quickly and the process was painless. I would retu to Sweet Motor Sales in a heartbeat and can recommend Jack Jason with no hesitation. Great experience!

Jared & Rebecca Harris, Farmington

I wanted to type this note and send it to you saying thank you with more than a few words. My wife and I had been looking for a specific type of car for my daughter for several months knowing that whatever we decided to do we would have to deal with pushy car salesman. When we found your website sweetmotorsales.com and did some looking at your inventory we found the Pt Cruiser we were looking for and thought, let's go see the car and try to not be intimidated by the whole car buying experience. After the first phone call I knew that this time it would be completely different based on how you answered the phone, let along with the willingness to meet with us after hours. As my wife and I both work and we knew that if we didn't get to Santa Fe to at least look at the car we would miss the opportunity, we calle dyou late on a Friday and you willingly offered to stay past closing time for us to come check it out. That to me spoke volumes of not only a professional business person, but also to your character as a genuine individual. After taking a 30-minute look at the car we decided to buy it not only for the car but because of your overall approach to helping us, mostly with no pressure, that is a big plus! Since that time in June I have recommended your dealership to other families who have kids that are driving and looking for a great deal woth no pressure in buying anything. Your overall selection is simple, not too many cars creates a none pushy atmosphere, I love that! Thanks again for your professional candor, non-pushy-approach, and willingness to work with us on business hours to ensure we got what we needed.

Joseph B., Sante Fe

Good Car Good Deal Good Dealer

M. Van Heukelom, Albuquerque

In the fall of 2016, we were in need of a replacement vehicle.We searched around albuquerque and over the inteet and struggled to find Subaru models that were meeting our budget range that were either in rough shape or priced very high. We discovered the Sweet Motor Sales website and found quite a few models available and they were selling fast. Upon talking to the owner Jack Jason, we were able to place a hold on a Subaru Forester and when we rushed up to Santa Fe, Jack drove us over to the body shop to inspect the vehicle and take a look at the minor body repairs that were being completed. We liked the look of the vehicle, and with a simple hand shake with Jack we agreed to pick up the vehicle a few days later when it was out of the body shop. Dealing with Jack was very pleasant and he was very open and consistent with the good condition of the vehicle and the listed price.Over the months since purchasing the vehicle, it has run well with no surprises. The mechanical condition of the vehicle was verified by my own mechanic and the assessment measured up with what Jack's mechainc observed. Everything was good. In the coming years, when I need another vehicle, I will be contacting Sweet Motor Sales without any doubts about the quality of vehicles and pricing. I would also recommend Sweet Motor Sales to my friends and family.

Gavin Mier, Santa Fe

Hi Jack Just want you to know the car is working out great. I feel I got a great deal amd I'm very happy with it. Also. thanks for making it a pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend you and in fact I've told all my friends. Thanks.

LC, Santa Fe

My experience with Mr. Jack Jason was quite favorable. I felt very respected and service was impeccable. I purchased a great vehicle (Forester) that continues to serve me well. I would and do recommend car shoppers to consider dealing with Mr. Jason. He's a welcome and trustworthy businessman who really attends to the needs of his customers well. Thank you! This was quite a different reception than that of other dealers who weren't respectful to me as a female purchasing a vehicle on HER own. What a relief to be respected regardless of gender!

Letta B., Santa Fe

Jack It was a pleasure to discover your dealership online. Your service was excellent from CARFAX info you gave us on the car's history to the handover of the car and the timely registration of the car a few weeks later. We had the pleasure of dealing with you with promptness! Now we are enjoying our car and exploiting it fully. Sincerely yours,

Steve S., Santa Fe

Many thanks for great service and an excellent vehicle at a fair price. All the best,

D. Miller, Albuquerque

During 2016 I purchased a 1999 Corvette from Sweet Motor Sales. I knew what I wanted and did a search on the Auto Trader website. I asked for a low-mileage C5 model Corvette within a 500 mile radius from Albuquerque. I got five hots. The Sweet Motors offering was the closest, the most reasonably priced and the lowest mileage car. Naturally, my wife and I drove to Santa Fe to take a look. I was impressed with the Corvette. There were no exaggerations within the ad. There were minor defects as one would would expect with a 17-year-old car, but overall it was in excellent condition. The shortcomings were acknowledged with no arguments. A deal was struck and I drove the car home. Jack expedited the registration and title process. After several months, I am still very happy with the vehicle. When the time comes for my next vehicle, I'll see what Sweet Motors has to offer. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Mary Ann Stevens, Santa Fe

A small autosales business with a big heart. I had the most pleasant experience buying my 2012 Toyota Corolla from Sweet Motors. Jack was very helpful and most importantly HONEST. He completed the paperwork in a timely manner and also provided shuttle service for me. My next car will be from Sweet Motors. He (Jack) made buying a vehicle a great experience for me, and had great prices on the vehicles. I highly recommend SWEET MOTORS.

Ed Fields, Santa Fe

In December of 2015, my finances imploded at the same time that my rust bucket Subaru exploded. It's now scrap metal in China, By early 2016, thanks to Jack and his help and infinite patience while I dealt with the credit union, I becmae the proud owner of a seet little Subaru Outback at a price the credit union liked. Actually, the credit union owns it, but I get the pleasure of driving it. Jack is good people and he'll work with you to to get into a good car at a fair price.

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